Cargo Modular

Cargo Modular:
High-performance in thermal insulation and impact protection
Cargo Modular is the first large-sized modular isothermal container. It consists of a base - cm 80x120x(h)30 cm - and an adjunctive kit that allows the box height to be increased at a regular interval of 30 cm. Cargo Modular system is steady even when the height exceed 1,5 m. Its thickness, 50 mm for all sides, and the specific geometry of joints between components guarantee high performance in thermal insulation in any condition.
The robustness of materials used for manufacturing Cargo Modular makes the container ideal for the protection of fragile and delicate objects, even of large dimensions.
Elements in Cargo Modular can be stored up and transported in “assembly kit”: supplementary modules are packed inside the base, so logistic costs can be optimized.