Package for Biological and Infectious Material

Activities connected with shipment and transportation of infectious or potentially infectious substances, diagnostic samples and perishable biological materials, are a cause for concern for all those involved: researchers, laboratory staff, transport service and postal service personnel. During such activities , some appropriate procedures must be performed in order to:
  • - ensure safety of the personnel involved in shipping and transport operations;
  • - prevent the dispersion of infectious and potentially infectious substances in the environment;
  • - ensure the delivery of product within optimal time and conditions in order to be analyzed, and ensure the safety of those involved in laboratory and reliability of tests.
Dryce provides the customers with kits for the transportation of biological or infectious material in order to ensure such optimal conditions. Dryce Kits are in conformity with the packaging standards P650 ADR, P650 RID, P650IMDG, PI650 IATA and P620 ADR, P620 RID, P620IMDG, PI620 IATA.
Package for Biological and Infectious Material